1. Aromatically

Simply Stated:

1. Put oils in a diffuser

2. Place oils in cupped hands and inhale

3. Place on a cotton ball in air vent - hello nasty hotel rooms!

4.  Add a couple drops of serentiy to bed linens


We use our oils aromatically everyday in the rooms of your

house, Evie's nursery and even in the car!

If you're in need of a mood lift this is the BEST way to use your oils. And it is so easy. Think of how not only you, but your family will benefit from this. A better and more stable temperament can have countless benefits on your life every single day. I love to immediately upon rising use peppermint old underneath my nose (motivate is even better) it gets me kickstarted with a good mood!


2.  Topically


We use our oils topically everyday. It is my favorite way to use them with baby Evie. Within the first hours after her birth I pulled out my doTERRA touch pre diluted roller bottle and applied frankincense to the crown of her head (yes baby Jesus had this too!) and On Guard to her spine and feet for immunity protection. 

Due to the molecular composition of essential oils, that are easily absorbed by the skin and can enter the bloodstream in less than a minute. Using a carrier oil-like coconut oil also helps with any skin sensitivity, which is especially important when applying oils to the little ones or when using "hot" oils like Oregano or On Guard. 

When in doubt apply your oils on the bottoms of the feet. Our feet have the largest pores and the thickest skin, which makes it an ideal places to apply oils. If you are familiar with reflexology chart, you know that the bottoms of your feet correlate to different spots in our body. For our little ones, the feet are an extremely convenient place to apply your oils as well as the spine. 

Also use common sense, if your belly hurts apply digestxen there for more centralized support (examples: deep blue over hip for pain, over the heart and down the neck and spine for emotional support or peppermint over forehead for head tension relief). 


Remember that citrus oils are photosensitive. So be sure to apply them under clothing or put them on at night

(avoid sunlight for 8 hours)


3. Internally


Let's talk real quick before I indulge you about the reasons why I love using doTERRA oils internally.

1. Only use oils internally on adults

2. Only use bottle of doTERRA oil with supplemental facts on the side listing the bottle as safe or for internal use

3. Only use doTERRA essential oils for ingesting, as each bottle is 100% pure essential oil. Please do no transfer this information to any other brand as the quality of essential oils is unknown

I love using oils internally when I feel very run-down and exposed to harmful environments. I know my essential oils will work most efficiently this way.

This is also the most controversial mode of application, leading to much debate throughout the essential oil community in recent years. The confusion surrounding internal use of essential oils is largely based on lack of awareness. However, years of past and ongoing research have found that internal usage is safe and profoundly efficacious application method.  Less is always more. Always start with one drop. As you become familiar with each essential oil and observe your body's response to it, you can slowly increase the number of drops (I always max out at 3) until you achieve the desired results. 

The local effect may be felt more strongly when applied internally compared to when applied to the skin because the nerves in the mucosa are closer to the surface, often more numerous, and can be more easily stimulated compared to the nerves in the skin. Although the skin is thicker and seems to be less fragile that the mucous membranes, the reality is that similar to the skin the musosa has many features that are protective, and therefore conducive to the use of essential oils.  Like skin, the mucosa has many layers designed to protect the body against disease and toxic exposures. And similar to skin, the mucosa has an ability to constantly restore itself and regenerate after harmful exposures, such as trauma from teeth or heat from food that can cause ulceration. 

The mucosa heals an open sore very quickly. so it can resume it's protective function. The mucosa also has thousands of mucous glands that secrete mucous to create a protective film over the tissues. The mucous is continually being produced and continually migrating as the cilia beat, limiting and local exposure. When essential oils contact the mucosa, they are absorbed to some degree at the initial point of contact, but much of the oil will be continually diluted by the mucous. Rapid absorbtion and constant dilution allow the oils to have a dramatic yet temporary effect, which explains why any sensation you have in the mouth or throat from essential oils is taken internally is temporary. Because the mucosa is designed to be protective, essential oils can be safely used internally. 

The premise of all these discussions is that essential oils could be harmful when taken internally. However, studies suggest just the opposite. Essential oils may actually be protective to the mucosa. Many studies show that essential oils can have a positive effect when there is a problem with the stomach's mucous membranes. *For example, limonene, found in citurs oils, was shown to help protect the stomach mucosa in a preclinical study. This protective effect was shown without affecting normal stomach acid secretion, gastrin enzyme secretion, or antioxidant glutathione production. Many other studies have also demonstrated simialr effects.