Conscious Breathing

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The breath is the very foundation of life. Establishing a relationship with your breath while pregnant, will have lasting effects for you and your new baby. 

Conscious Breathwork can help new moms in 5 important ways:

1. Reduces stress. It is important to keep the nervous system regulated during pregnancy, knowing that it regulates the system being built in utero (begins developing at 16 days!). In other words, as we remain calm, so does our baby in utero, as well as afterwards.

2. Increases sense of connection to self and your baby. Another essential aspect of pregnancy is to strengthen, and in some cases cultivate, connection and communication between the mother and her growing baby. It’s easier to do this in a relaxed state.

3. Communicate with your baby.  Until recently, most scientists & doctors didn’t believe that babies in utero had any connection to their mothers, certainly no communication. Now we prove what moms & midwives have known for ages: YES moms & babies CAN communicate! And it is MUCH easier in a relaxed state.

4. Helps your body to prepare for birth. No matter what type of birth you plan to have, tension and stress often makes it more difficult. A relaxed state helps pregnancy, labor and childbirth.

5. Helps provide relief postpartum. Gentle breathwork postpartum helps the body to recalibrate itself, especially after a cesarean birth. Breathwork helps new moms to find calm and solace. It also supports emotional and mental health.

Here is a one minute breathing technique to quickly help calm stress and anxiety. It’s safe for anyone, kids, pregnant women, elderly, and everyone in between!

Juliana Ericson has been a Conscious Breathwork coach for more than 25 years. She sees clients in her home/office in West Nashville. Juliana will help you feel more prepared and empowered during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You can go to her webpage: and read about breathwork. You can also call her at 615-212-5511