Buy 1 Oil, Get 2 FREE

Buy 1, get 2 FREE!! Woo hoo! Buy Frankincense Touch and get DigestZen Touch AND Breathe Touch FREE! FYI: The "Touch" oils are pre-diluted for all ages! Super convenient. See the USES of these oils below. ⬇️ 💦FRANKINCENSE TOUCH
*Roll on Location to Reduce Skin Blemishes, Stretch Marks, and Scars
*Roll on the Spine, Bottoms of Feet, and Back of Neck to Boost the Immune System
*Roll on the Spine, Bottoms of Feet, and Back of Neck to Calm Anxious Feelings and Support Restful Sleep
*Roll on to Support Cellular Health and Focus
*Roll on to Support Relaxation and Calming
*Roll on to Promote Emotional Balance
*Safe for ALL ages. 💦DIGESTZEN TOUCH:
Andy’s favorite oil
*Roll on the Belly to Soothe Digestive Upset, Calm Nausea and Motion Sickness and Morning Sickness *Roll on the Sinuses for Relief and to Promote Draining
*Roll on the Stomach of Babies-Elderly to Reduce Abdominal Discomfort
*Safe for ALL ages. 💦BREATHE TOUCH: *Roll on the Chest and/or Back as Well as Under the Nose to Open the Airways, Reduce Coughing, Promote Clear Breathing, Promote a Restful Environment, and Reduce Reactions to Pollen
*Safe for ALL ages. 🌟Only $45.50 plus tax for all 3 order on LRP or click link in bio to paypal me today only