The Monthly Wellness Box

I’m no sucker. When I signed up with doterra initially I thought “ I’ll try the monthly wellness box but I’m not going to stay on it because I don’t want to spend money every month.” NEWSFLASH I don’t know about you but I spend money on basic needs every month. With doterra you SAVE money every month and I’m getting toxin free products and saving money in other health arenas because we stay healthy. I save 20% off of retail plus an additional 30% for ordering a customizable monthly wellness box. Since I signed up I’ve been ordering every month for the past 5 years! Wondering what I get in my box?

✅on guard laundry detergent

✅on guard hand soap

✅on guard cleaner concentrate

✅reveal facial system

✅body lotion

✅doterra supplements

✅doterra kids supplements

✅hair care

✅and of course oils💕