Common Essential Oil Uses For Your Baby

Here’s a little peek of our daily oil application in baby Evelyn and Eddie’s lives since they were born, let's start from the top:

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Crown of head: Frankincense Touch and Lavender Touch - Great for decreasing inflammation, boosting  mood, inhibiting seasonal threats, easing stress and promoting rest.

Ears: Lavender Touch and Melaleuca Touch (roll behind ears-never put oil in ears -Promoting healthy ear drainage 

Jaw: Frankincense Touch and Lavender Touch - Helps soothe tired jaws while teething, and ease pain and inflammation.

Spine: On Guard Touch and Frankincense Touch - Improves immunity on a daily basis while bringing oxygen to blood stream and decreasing inflammation from environmental toxins

Chest: Breathe Touch - Opens up airway passages daily to keep respiratory system strong

Belly: Digestzen Touch - Keeps baby’s tummy in check from tummy troubles to regularity and spitting up

Diaper Area: Lavender Touch and Melaleuca Touch - Keeps baby’s bum dry and hydrated- wouldn’t we all enjoy that?

Feet: Peace Touch, Breathe Touch and On Guard Touch - Peace keeps baby emotional strong and helps balance mood. Breathe promotes babies respiratory function and On Guard protects baby’s immunity.

This is our day in the oily life of oil babes!