Dry Brushing with Oils


Dry brushing is something that a lot of people are like, “what is that?” All you need is one of these dry brushes that you keep specifically for dry brushing. You don't want to use these in the tub every day or get it wet. You’ll want the real bristles, so don't buy anything synthetic.

Dry brushing helps to boost your metabolism while also helping to get rid of things like cellulite. It brings blood to the surface of the skin, helping to alleviate and get rid of varicose veins. Dry brushing tightens the skin, which is always good for that back side- especially since warmer weather is headed this way and we all want to look nice and toned.


It's also really good for your lymphatic system, getting dead cells off and all the toxins out of your skin. You’ll want to make sure to rinse off after you’re done dry brushing, you don't want to go about your day with dead skin stuck to you. So I like to do this before I take a shower in the morning, it kind of boosts my energy. if thats not for you, you can definitely do it before you go to sleep as well. This is really important to do while you're pregnant, also. I’ve had pretty intense varicose veins this pregnancy and so, of course, beneath my oils I’m also dry brushing to get rid of those.

I like to use lavender, grapefruit, slim&sassy, and geranium oil on my brush and rub into my skin as they all can contribute to the overall health of skin.

You’ll want to brush in a circular upward motion so you're going to just do that on all parts of your limbs and then up switch to the other leg and do it upwards. You can also do it on your butt going up and your lower back and up and then on your belly. And that’s it! Dry brushing is a super quick and easy way to keep your skin - the largest organ you have- nice and healthy!