Dog Ear Remedy

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I had over 30 of you ask for my healthy dog ear remedy so here it is! Dogs are so much fun, but when your little pup feels the weather from constant ear issues - what are you to do? This mixture I’ve used for my hounds ears for 3 years makes them smell fantastic but also prevents mites, dirt and dangerous reoccurring issues.

A neighbor friend of mine was walking her coonhound and we got to talking about dog ear infections - she asked if I had the same issue with my dogs. It got me to thinking that I’ve never shared this recipe that has saved us in vet visits and kept our dogs happy. 

*You want to be careful to never put oils directly in ears- and always use CPTG oils from doTERRA to avoid synthetic burns.

In a small 4 oz mason glass jar combine:

  1. 10 drops geranium

  2. 10 drops lavender

  3. 10 drops frankincense

  4. 10 drops basil

Fill rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil.


Dab cotton ball in solution daily and swipe out ears.

I’m doing a giveaway of my recipe on my Instagram - click the Instagram icon at the bottom of the page and comment on the post to enter! 


- Essentially Bee