Testimony Tuesday - Tilly

image1 (24).png

Our dog Tilly is aging. We rescued her 8 years ago from a shelter in Las Vegas. She is Andy and I’s first baby and the matriarch of our family. She has always been a little overspoken and a little nutty but we love her. I have used oils on her for years. She loves Balance and Serenity applied to her ears and massaged before bed and before going on trips to prevent anxious feelings.

A few weeks ago I read a customer of mine’s testimony about using Copaiba oil on their dog by simply putting a drop on a dog biscuit. Tilly isn’t one for being messed with, so I thought this would be a great way to effectively administer.  Evie loves giving treats to Tilly (pronounced by Evie- Tiiiiiii). I apply one drop Copaiba oil to her treat and Evie gives to her morning and night.

Ya’ll - to see the difference in Tilly brings tears to my eyes just writing this. She doesn’t shriek in pain when she jumps off furniture, she moves swiftly through backyard with ease, and her eyes are less cloudy. She is so happy! And she barks less haha because she’s less agitated.


- Essentially Bee