New release: Limited Edition Oils!


doTERRA really know hows to go big - and this time they didn't release one oil, but three! The 3 oils are Pink Pepper, Green Mandarin, and Star Anise.

Pink Pepper 

Uses include:

  1. Promotes feelings of alertness when diffused or inhaled

  2. May help calm and soothe the nervous system when taken internally

  3. May help promote healthy cellular immune function and response

  4. Great for disinfecting

  5. Energizing

  6. Uplifting

  7. Aids in digestion

  8. Increases alertness

  9. Supports immune system

Green Mandarin

Uses include:

  1. Can be used as a food preservative

  2. Dilute it in a spray bottle to clean the surfaces of your kitchen

  3. Incorporate into your oral hygiene routine to promote healthy-looking teeth

  4. Take internally to support healthy nervous, digestive, and respiratory systems and healthy immune function response.

  5. Helpful for nausea

  6. Promotes clear skin

  7. Toning and tightening effect on skin

  8. Supports tissue regeneration

  9. Reduces scarring

**One of the most gentle oils out there!!

Star Anise

  1. Supports healthy digestion when taken internally

  2. Take 1-2 drops internally to promote relaxed feelings

  3. Provides an emotionally balancing and grounding aroma

  4. Helps constipation

  5. Promotes restful sleep

  6. Reduces Coughing

  7. Reduces PMS Symptoms

  8. Eases breathing


My guess are these oils are going to SELL OUT today! Limited editions like these don't last long and quantities are extremely limited. Contact me directly or use my link located at the top of my website!


- Essentially Bee