DigestZen Softgels

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DigestZen Softgels are the first thing I grab at the hint of a tummy issue. They are a convenient way to use DigestZen, I always grab a bottle to throw in my purse or diaper bag when i'm running out of the door. DigestZen naturally aids in digestion, eases mild or occasional stomach discomfort, and helps reduce bloating and gas. 

DigestZen Softgels is a soothing blend of:

  • Ginger

  • Peppermint

  • Caraway

  • Coriander

  • Anise

  • Taragon

  • Fennel

Maybe you had a slice of cake after dinner last night (maybe 2). You deserved that cake and once that bloating feeling starts to creep up, that's where DigestZen Softgels come into play. DigestZen doesn't have to be used only when there is an issue. If you are looking to cleanse or restart your digestive system, these are perfect for that. Adding a couple drops of Lemon EO to a glass of water and combining that with a Softgel is the perfect start to your day.

If you are interested in trying out DigestZen - feel free to use my contact page!


- Essentially Bee