Tipster Tuesday Feat. Rachel Morris

Everyone meet Rachel Morris!

Give this lady a follow! You probably recognize this babe if you live in Kansas City and work out regularly. Not only is she a total #bossbabe as she works full-time in health care, but she was also previously the regional marketing manager in the Midwest for Bumble (that was my side hustle). She just stepped down from that two weeks ago.

She’s a former athlete having played college soccer at KU, and she’s transformed that into a passion for fitness. She’s a local fitness influencer in Kansas City and is always trying out new workouts. And an occasional blogger haha. @rach.carey is taking over my insta for the day to share with you her favorite wellness routine with oils and @doterra lifelong vitality pack. Check her out 💁🏼‍♀️

“I have been consistently been using the lavender - on my wrists and diffusing and [this] 100% helps calm me down during stressful work situations! I love the peppermint and peppermint beadlets when I need to refocus during the work day. The digestive enzymes have been really helpful when I go out to eat - I don’t always get the bad crampy feeling in my stomach anymore when I take them/eat out.”