OOTW - Lemon


There's a reason lemon fragrance is added to many household products; the fresh and invigorating smell is correlated to health and wellness! By using the real deal (lemon essential oil) let's skip over all of those harsh chemicals and actually reap the benefits lemon has to offer us. 

The most common use for lemon essential oil is for air purifying. It's almost always being diffused in my home for that very reason. BUT, there's many more uses for it around the home and for the body:

  • Add 2 drops to your water each morning for uplifting mood

  • Lemon has a detox effect on the body and can aid in losing weight

  • Can assist in aiding seasonal respiratory discomfort 

  • Add lemon essential oil to a water filled spray bottle to disinfect surfaces

  • Lemon can preserve and protect wood and leather furniture

  • Can aid in skin exfoliation (add to your face scrub!)

  • When baking a dessert, add a couple drops for zest


I really could go on and on about lemon and its amazingly broad uses, but the possibilities are endless! I make sure to take advantage of its mood lifting abilities each and every morning to make sure i'm putting my best foot forward for the day. Incorporating other citrus oils is a yummy addition, with added benefits too! (**Make sure to never use plastic bottles with essential oils! My favorite bottles to use are the Swell stainless steel water bottles)


- Essentially Bee

Brittany Davidson