OOTW - Basil

Hi everyone! I'm going to be featuring a different oil weekly (OOTW), and figured a good one to start with is Basil because of it's stress and anxiety relieving properties. It's August, and all you mommas know what that means..SCHOOL. Nothing is more stressful than a new school year and a tight schedule. 

Since basil has a high linalool content, it's beneficial for both the mind and body. Basil is great for relieving physical tension and should be applied to the back of the neck and to the temples. It also provides a nice cooling sensation to the touch. 

Basil is an oil that is so easy to add to food and has many internal benefits such as: 

  • calming properties to help with inflammation 
  • fighting free radicals 
  • relieving congestion
  • fighting bacteria
  • stimulating the adrenal cortex
  • aiding in digestion

So, get your hands on some basil essential oil and put that baby to good use for this crazy time of year!


-Essentially Bee


Brittany Davidson