OOTW - Lime

Since tomorrow is the last day Lime is FREE with a qualifying 125 PV LRP order(yay!) why not feature it as my OOTW?

Other than being just yummy, lime has a list of benefits due to its many properties:

*Caution: Lime is photosensitive- avoid putting on skin that receives any sunlight. Putting under clothing is best. 

  • Purifying - Helps fight germs and protects against development (it's great to put directly on scabs!) (once again avoid sunlight ;)
  • Disinfectant - add to your favorite DIY cleaning sprays
  • Helps fight seasonal threats - apply under clothing to chest with coconut oil to help break up congestion
  • Can help with diarrhea or food poisoning - add a drop to your belly with 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • Detoxify - Great for aiding in weight loss and speeding up metabolism- add 1-3 drops daily to your water (always drink oils out of glass or stainless steel)

Mommas, try and get into the habit of adding a few drops of lime to your water every morning to jumpstart your immune system and metabolism.  I love to pair with my San Pelligrino!

A couple of my favorite ways to use lime essential is to diffuse it to purify the air and as a surface cleaner to disinfect!

Want to Clear the Clutter? Try this lovely diffuser blend: 2 drops lime, 2 drops lemongrass, 2 drops douglas fir

Luckily, Lime Essential Oil is doTERRA's product of the month. Earn a free bottle with 125 PV. Click my contact box for more info!


-Essentially Bee

Brittany Davidson