So, what are essential oils?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. They are organic compounds extracted from plants that hold immense healing properties. The purpose of incorporating oils into your lifestyle is to improve physical, mental and emotional health. Over 3,000 varieties are used to date and the benefits come from the antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Getting essential oils from plants is done with a process called distillation, most commonly by steam or water, where many parts of the plants are being used, including the plant roots, leaves, stems, flowers, or bark. To be 100% pure, nothing should be added or taken away from the oil after extraction.  It is important to buy essential oils from a long established and trusted aromatherapy company who specializes in supplying therapeutic essential oils, and not the more common commercial grade oils that have foreign additives. 

Here's how to use them:


Aromatically:  Essential oils are quickly absorbed by smell receptors which have a direct link to the limbic system. This limbic system is a part of the brain that supports a variety of functions including smell, emotions, behavior, and memory. 

Diffusion is one of the simplest for using essential oils aromatically. If you're staring out, I recommend:

Topically:  Essential oils easily penetrate because our skin is very receptive to oils. There are many benefits to using oils topically. 

Effective methods of topical application:

  • Add a few drops of desired oil to your bath
  • Make a hot or cold compress
  • Incorporate in your lotion or daily moisturizer 

Internally:  Some essential oils can be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of health conditions. Add to your water or your favorite foods!

Internal use is a very safe and effective method of using essential oils because of the physiologic process of our bodies.  Any essential oils are generally regarded as being safe for dietary use, but the quality of your oils should always be the upmost important. 


- Essentially Bee



Brittany Davidson