New Year - New me! Join my Cleanse and Renew team!

The holidays really test our ability to resist sweets and we all definitely overeat. Under all of the stress of traveling and Christmas preparation, we don't eat how we usually would in our regular day to day. A common New Years resolution is getting healthy - have you noticed the gym is FULL when the new year starts? Once February 1st rolls around it's back to normal (haha!). You don't have to hit the gym hard to feel good, especially when you're a mama it's hard to schedule that time for yourself. Health is from the inside out - so i'm gonna help you start!


This is the Cleanse Kit. It covers every base you need for a TRUE cleanse. Usually when you see anything that says "detox" or "cleanse" it's sole focus is on your tummy, although that's great - a proper cleanse is full body!

What comes in the kit?

  1. doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack - Provides essential nutrients and metabolic support
  2. Zendocrine Softgels - Supports your body's natural detoxification system
  3. Zendocrine Complex - Supports healthy cleansing and filtering of liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin. 
  4. DigestZen TerraZyme - Digestive enzyme complex
  5. GX Assist - Supports a healthy digestive tract 
  6. PB Assist+ - Encourages friendly bacteria growth
  7. DDR Prime Softgels - Promotes cellular health, function, and renewal. 
  8. Lemon Essential Oil

Okay, I know what you think..this seems like A LOT. You don't want one part of your body functioning properly and the rest of it a bit off. If you're going to cleanse your body, press restart on everything! By committing to a regimen like this you know your whole body is being taken care of and it isn't taking any time out of your day. 

To take it a step further i'm going to create a Facebook group for everyone doing the cleanse - so we are all in it together! You will get a day by day plan and tons of support and education. We will get started on Jan. 15. There will also be a safe and gentle option for kids ages 2 and up! 


  1. Click on 'Join My Tribe' at the top right of my website
  2. Click the 'Join and Save' tab 
  3. Fill out your info
  4. Choose Clean and Renew kit
  5. Let me know as soon as you join so I can add you to the Facebook group!

New Year - New us! Right?


- Essentially Bee

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