OOTD - Rose Touch


The much loved Rose Touch is now available for regular purchase as of this week! Rose is considered a precious oil and is very labor intensive, it takes many petals just to get a few drops of oil. To make rose more accessible and affordable, it's blended with fractionated coconut to make Rose Touch. 

I've always loved rose oil for it's sweet smell, but I didn't realize how amazing rose was until after Evelyn started her swim lessons. Evelyn had a pretty bad reaction to the consistent chlorine exposure, I tried literally EVERYTHING to help soothe her skin irritations that were all over her face and body. I finally thought to try my doTERRA rose essential oil and with one swipe her bumps were completely gone in 24 hours! Rose Touch doesn't just help with irritations, but it helps boost mommas tired skin for an overall radiant look. 

Here are some other uses for Rose Touch:

  • Replace your perfume for a safer alternative, apply to wrists and neck
  • Helps balance skins moisture levels, apply before moisturizer nightly
  • Apply to pulse points to uplift mood
  • Reduces appearance of any skin imperfections (great for underneath makeup)

If you're interested in adding Rose Touch to your oil collection, contact me directly!


- Essentially Bee

Brittany Davidson