OOTD - Jasmine Touch


Jasmine Touch probably looks familiar because it's been available during special promotions in the past, but it's now a permanent addition and we're really excited about it! Jasmine Touch combines fractionated coconut oil and Jasmine absolute for an easy and gentle application. 

Jasmine is known as the "King Of Flowers",  it's considered one of the most precious essential oils due to the labor intensive process of extraction. Jasmine is considered a warm floral and is a very recognizable scent, which is why it's used in many beauty products and perfume.

As a momma, you want wants best for babe, and unfortunately most perfumes aren't safe for baby. Jasmine Touch is the perfect substitute to wearing your designer perfumes, and smells just as great. That being said, you could just throw this roller ball in your purse and use it as your personal fragrance, but there's a few other ways to use it too:

  • Apply directly on face before moisturizer for radiant skin

  • Use on pulse points to uplift mood 

  • Apply to blemishes twice daily to heal and soothe

  • Apply to bottoms of feet in the morning to promote a positive outlook

So you just got yourself a new perfume that promotes a positive mindset and radiant skin? Dream come true!


- Essentially Bee


Brittany Davidson