OOTD - Blue Tansy


One of the new products that had so much buzz at this years doTERRA convention was Blue Tansy essential oil. It probably sounds familiar if you are doTERRA savvy, that's because it's a main ingredient in some existing blends such as Balance and Deep Blue. 

Blue Tansy is a Mediterranean plant and is made from the flowers, leaves, and stem. Funny enough, the flower is actually yellow! Blue Tansy oil is blue in color and will leave some color on the skin temporarily, when diluted the color will fade a bit faster. 

Uses for Blue Tansy:

  • Wound healing capabilities, apply topically to irritated skin
  • Apply to sunburnt skin
  • Use to combat head tension
  • Add to your facial cleanser to help soothe blemishes
  • Diffuse for its uplifting properties 
  • Use it as a natural dye when making soaps and DIY bath products
  • Dilute with fractionated coconut oil and use for massage 

Your Blue Tansy oil doesn't NEED to be refrigerated, but I recommend it because over time the oil can oxidize and turn more of a green color. 

Keep checking back for the rest of this weeks new products feature!


- Essentially Bee

Brittany Davidson