OOTD - Neroli


To continue with new product week i'd like to introduce you to Neroli Touch! Neroli comes from the bitter orange tree and is very common in perfumes and beauty products. Petitgram oil is made from the stems and leaves of the orange tree, BItter Orange oil from the orange peel, and Neroli is made from the flowers.

DoTERRA's Neroli essential oil comes in a roller ball and is already diluted in fractionated coconut oil, because it primarily should be used topically and aromatically. Here are some easy ways to use this new oil:

  • Apply directly to the skin as an anti-inflammatory and to soothe blemishes (Neroli is NOT photosensitive)

  • Apply to joints and muscles to ease tension

  • Apply to temples and back of neck to ease tension headaches

  • When feeling anxious, apply to palms of hands, cup over face and breathe deeply 

  • Diffuse to promote a positive mood

Here's a helpful stress relieving diffuser blend:

  1. 3 drops of Neroli
  2. 2 drops of Ylang Ylang 
  3. 2 drops of Lavender 

If you have any interest in this new product, use my contact page!


- Essentially Bee



Brittany Davidson