Baby Teething Remedy

As Eddie begins to start teething, I have brought out my recipe that I made when Evelyn started teething at 3 months old. It literally saved my life during this period and I hope it help you and your baby. 

These are the oils I use and why:

 1. Clove is a hot Oil but the nice thing about Clove is that it has numbing quality. I really like it to numb the pain for Eddie. It’s not one of those oils you want to put directly on the baby which is why I like to make a blend out of it. 

 2. Vetiver is really good for soothing the mind. A lot of times when we go through pain it is easy to get that one track of mind and have anxious feelings about it. Vetiver is really good to soothe the emotional aspect of teething. 

 3. Lavender is all things soothing. It is a mild anti inflammatory while also relaxing the baby. 

 4. Frankincense is a really heavy hitter as far as for inflammation, so this is going to help a lot with getting the swelling to go down. It’s also going to help with the drooling!

 5. Marjoram is a huge pain reliever. When I had kidney stones, I used Marjoram internally. As you know you don’t want to give babies anything internally. This oil is going to work really well with Frankincense by being a huge pain reliever.

 6. Roman Chamomile is a God send of all Oils for babies which helps them sleep and helps soothes them. 



 In a 10 Oz Roller Ball 


5 drops roman chamomile

5 drops marjoram

5 drops frankincense

5 drops lavender

5 drops vetiver

5 drops copaiba

3 drops clove

Fill with coconut oil

How to Use:

Apply to jaw once every two hours or as needed. Also, you can put it on their spine and the bottoms of their feet.


Let me know how this recipe works for you and your little one :)

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