Baby Massage with Oils

We love choosing a peaceful blend like Breathe for the Respiratory system. Incorporating Baby Massage into your daily routine can be super easy and fun too. Don’t be afraid to start a massaging routine shortly after birth. Routine massage helps you grow your bond and leads to baby’s happy, healthy development. Through newborn massage, you can gain increased awareness of how your baby communicates. You and your baby will discover what is best for you both. It is important to be mindful that massage is something you do with, rather than to your baby. I always like to ask baby Eddie or Evelyn “”Would you like a baby massage?” They get so excited kicking their feet in delight.

Now, Evelyn asks Eddie and she’ll help! A great bonding activity. Start easing into a routine with these newborn massage techniques. Begin on the legs with a newborn because it is an area which is usually accepted by babies. You can gently hold your baby’s ankle with one hand and place your other hand at the top of your baby’s thigh, then slide it to the ankle, almost as if you are milking a cow. Start with hands on both sides of your baby’s head, then run down both sides of his/her body. Next, draw tiny circles on your baby’s head with your fingertips. Softly squeeze and roll each toe between your thumb and index finger and use alternate thumb to stroke the top of the foot.