3 Months with Eddie Milestones and Activities

3 months of Mr. Ed

❤️16 pounds of absolute heaven

🤩scooting and propping himself up during tummy time

🌿loves his baby massage time with essential oils

🤪giggling and cooing

✨loves song this little light of mine

🦷teething and drooling

🐶rolls over as often as our dog Lou

👧🏼he and sister have convos in their own language and love snuggling

💁🏼‍♀️he looks at mama with all the heart eyes

⚾️loves watching baseball with dad



1. Reaching for toys. Lay baby on his back or tummy and hold toys out for him to reach


2. Singing clapping songs and helping baby to clap his or her hands. Pat-a-cake, or these action songs for babies are great.

3. Providing toys for little ones to grasp and mouth.  Help your little one grip toys of various sizes and shapes (remember babies can choke on anything small enough to fit through a toilet paper roll.)


1. Practicing supporting his or her own head when properly supported by the waist and chest.  Put babe on your lap facing you and carefully supporting her neck and back as he requires.  Encourage him to look up at your face by making silly sounds and noises, smiling and giggling.

2.  Tummy time.  Put babe on his stomach with some brightly colored toys in front of him.  Encourage him to reach for them.  Lay in front of him with a smiling face and encourage him to look at your face by pushing up on his little arms.  Strengthening his little body and your bond all at the same time.

3. Mommy and Me: I make sure everyday Eddie and I have a designated time for some one-on-one time. We practice all different exercises to help grow big and strong.


4.  Change positions often.  Have baby lay on his back, tummy, sit well supported, or carry him looking over your shoulder.  The different views of the world will encourage him to look around to see new things.  Be sure to chat with him about all she sees.

5. Baby Massage: Routine massages helps you grow your bond and leads to baby’s happy, healthy development. Through newborn massage, you can gain increased awareness of how your baby communicates. https://www.essentiallybee.com/baby/2019/4/30/baby-massage-with-oils


1. Encourage baby to follow your voice.  Walk to various parts of a room and call your baby’s name.  When he looks your way, be sure to respond with a smile and snuggle.

2. Encourage baby to imitate.  Lay baby on your lap facing you.  When he makes a facial movement or sound, imitate it back to him.  Be sure to respond with smiles so he continues this form of communication. He will begin to realize that his sounds hold meaning and can get a response from Mama.


3. Talk and sing.  Paint a picture with baby with your words.  As you are playing with baby, tell him about what he is seeing.  “Look Gene, the cat is coming over.  Isn’t she a big kitty?  Her brown fur is so soft.” Little ones are already beginning to develop an understanding for language.  The more words they hear now the better.  Though it is also incredibly important that little ones have lots of time for rest and silence.


1.  Practice tracking toys and people.  Lay baby on the ground and gently roll a ball in front of him  Encourage him to follow the ball with his eyes.  This can be done with tons of different toys, or even people.  A rattle may help to add in a little encouragement if he doesn’t seem interested at first.

2. Use babe’s name.  When you are talking to your baby use his name.  Sing songs using his name.  His name is one of the very first words he will begin to attach a meaning to.

3. Sing lullabies and nursery rhymes using high voices, low voices, and soft voices.

4.  Provide baby with different textures to explore.  Sensory boards can be easily made, though are not really necessary.  Let baby feel the carpet, the grass, wood floors, and cushions.

Learning activities for 3 month old babies may seem quite simple, and they are!  It doesn’t take much to give these little ones a wonderful start.  Remember to give babe lots of quiet time too, to process all the learning that happens in a day.

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Very most importantly, enjoy this time with your little one!  He will spend his entire life learning new things, now is the perfect time for a Mama to know that he will learn at his own pace.  Perhaps faster or slower in certain areas, whenever he is ready.