Tummy Time Roll


The Tummy Time Roll: a great way to incorporate and jazz up the drab tummy time. Pull out that exercise ball you used for pregnancy and set the baby on it tummy first and roll with it❤️ great for older siblings to stand on other side so baby can engage and socialize too! Great way to aid digestion, strengthen neck muscles and have some bonding time . Don’t be surprised if older sibling wants a ride too it’s a great way to promote stretching and help tots stay active.  Remember tummy time should be an activity that is always supervised and always performed when baby is awake.


I start by putting baby chest down on the ball holding them securely through the trunk and hip area. I love that the exercise ball allows for the ability to adjust the angle. Tummy time is essential to your baby’s development. “Babies need it to learn, grow and develop their muscular, skeletal and nervous systems,” says Jennifer Halfin, physiotherapist. “Tummy time is that initial building block that they build other motor skills on.” Also, physiotherapists are seeing a sharp increase in babies with plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome, she adds, because they’re spending so much time on their backs while they sleep (because of safe sleep guidelines) and while they’re in strollers and car seats. Getting lots of tummy time is a way to prevent this. “A good reminder is ‘back to sleep, but tummy to play,’” says Halfin.