The Baby Sit Up

The BABY SIT UP: Mommy and me Monday fun exercise with your infant 6 weeks+.

Pulling your baby up into a sitting position is another good way to strengthen the muscles in her shoulders, core, arms, and back, says Steve Sanders, Ed.D., author of Encouraging Physical Activity in Infants. Even though you’re doing the pulling, your baby will naturally flex her abdominal muscles and work to keep her head in alignment with her body, which helps strengthen the muscles and build balance.

While your baby is on his back, grasp his thumbs and let him wrap his fingers around your thumbs. Hold arms and hands in line and wrap the rest of hand around their back to brace their body.You can start doing sit-up exercises around 6 weeks.This exercise is fun for your baby since she’s getting closer to your face, but you can make it even more entertaining by being extra animated and giving her a kiss at the top of each sit-up. We do each of these exercises to build repetition.

Join us next monday to learn another great infant exercise! Eddie is 10 weeks old here