Newborn Interaction

In the first, months, years of life the infant is especially interested in the sound of the human voice and in watching the face and lips of a speaking person. It is no accident that the focusing distance of the eyes of a newborn matches exactly the space between his face and that of the mother while nursing. An adult can engage with even the youngest child in the following:

I like to tell Eddie funny stories, recite favorite songs like “baby mine,” or talk about what we are doing “now I am brushing your hair - it’s so soft and beautiful.” We can also engage in conversation: when Eddie makes a cooing sound, I can imitate it- the pitch and the length of the sound: “maaaa ga” adult “maaa ga” etc. I get an amazing response from Eddie, as if he is saying, “At last someone understands my language!.” As the baby gets older- as my memories of Evelyn around 6-8 months she purposefully began to make sounds for me to imitate, and eventually imitated my sounds. This is the most exciting first communication between babe and parent. It’s not simply baby talk, it’s real communication. What things do you like to tell your baby?