Strolling into Style: Uppababy

I love the @uppababy my parents bought for us for many reasons. My favorite is how it creates an environment for both Eddie and Evelyn to enjoy each other’s company. Evelyn knew even when we brought the stroller home from Eddie’s shower- pointing at the bassinet below “that’s where baby Eddie.” I would ask “where is he?” Putting baby Eddie in now I can see how he loves peering up at the sky above but mostly at his big sister - beaming overhead. Stroller rides are her favorite right now- it’s a fun activity for all of us to do together and since Eddie isn’t mobile yet it’s something she can do with him. Every time we pull into garage Evelyn starts speaking “stroller, baby Eddie, I want stroller.” We’ll get in and she commands “baby Eddie sit” pointing down to bassinet.” She gets so tickled and giggles as I lower him into bassinet❤️