Birth Recovery: These Are The Days

These are the days ❤️  Recovering after baby is no joke. There is pain but nothing in comparison to the joy on the other side. I’ve never felt more connected to life itself. My body is a vessel for the Divine. I’ve never been closer to the Creator that created me and these little ones I hold dear.

While I also hold this dear to my heart I never want to portray it being unrealistic. After all I am uncomfortable at times- after birth cramps were far more intense this time followed by nausea and fatigue. I may show the glorious images of my new family with pride but it doesn’t mean healing for myself is perfect. I am reminded through my varicose veins slowly healing, and my shrinking belly that this body needs time to heal. 


I hope this photo shows you the realness of a week of post pregnancy healing. My 2 year old daughter insists on wearing diapers like mama (seen in photo) and wants baby Eddie to eat yoyo (yogurt). I would never have survived without my clary calm for home balancing and deep blue capsules and lotion to ease muscle pain. My placenta capsules from @lillieflynn_ with @nashvilledoulaservices immediately make me feel like superwoman and all cramping is gone. @fridababy mama washer keeps me clean 🤣 and my special doterra oil peri spray combo keeps me healing. All this to say I’m a recovering mama too- and a very grateful one ❤️