The Coat Flip

The Montessori coat flip was something I was introduced to many years ago when my little attended Montessori. It’s a trick taught to Evelyn now. She takes such pride in her “jacket” now. She’ll say “it’s colllllld” “need jacket”. To teach your little one -lay the coat flat on the ground and point to the tag. Then, slowly say:

"Tag to the toes..." 

Then, I would help her walk so her feet were right next to the tag. Once she was standing in the right spot, I would say: 

"...hands in the holes..." 

At first, I would guide her hands into the holes. As she got the hang of it, I stopped helping her find the holes. With her hands in the holes, I would very excitedly say: 

"... and FLIP!"

Evelyn’s happy to get ready to leave the house, and I'm happy she's got the independence I know she craves! 

Have you tried this simple coat flip? Does your toddler love it?