Evelyn's Toddler School Must Have - Part 1

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Today was a big day - Evie’s orientation day. To make the first day of school less crazy the teachers told us to bring their school supplies before.

We got to meet Evie’s teachers and see her classroom. My mama heart couldn’t be more at ease. Looking at the little wooden toys on the shelves, the table height plants for her to water, and the little table where she will eat her snacks. I know this is the place my baby girl will thrive when not at home. 

Here are a few things from her toddler school supply list:

  1.  Bumkins Wet Bag - perfect for storing those messy clothes from a fun day of play.
  2.  Beautycounter sunscreen - this stuff lasts forever, super easy to apply and super clean for baby’s skin. Sunscreen is one of the most toxic substances on the market - don’t assume!
  3.  2 photos for above her locker - one of her and one of her family ❤️ these give her pride and she can begin telling her teachers and friends. While also guiding her to where to put her things.
  4.  On Guard Hand Spray - to keep 17 different types of buggies and ickies away. This will keep her hands clean and her immunity strong.
  5.  Foamtrends shoes - her school specifically wants house shoes to keep cleanliness in the classroom. Regular shoes can be worn on playground but these “montessori movers” ensure independence to take on and off and keep them clean.

So excited for this new experience for Evelyn, and the opportunity to watch her grow her first school year.


- Essentially Bee

Brittany Davidson