Common Essential Oil Uses For Your Baby


Everyday routines aren't just for adults, you must do them for your littles too!

Evelyn, now 16 months, adores her oils, every morning and evening she sticks her feet out ready for her oils. She loves looking at the bottles; I let her smell them and describe what each one does as she eagerly clasps the bottles in her cute little hands, and now she takes the lids off herself and applies to oils to her feet. We were at a family gathering this past weekend and she actually took them out of my bag and started to offer to relatives- very well timed for Peace oil ;) She would roll it on their wrists and smile so proudly and say "hooray"

All this to say the sooner you incorporate these daily habits into their daily routine you will both keep a healthy immune system and create lifelong habits of self care.

*The descriptions below use touch rollers for easy reference - to make your own 10 ml roller bottles use 10 drops of the il listed and fill the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil

Balance all body systems: Frankincense touch on spine and bottoms of feet`

Colic: Digestzen touch on belly 

Constipation: Digestzen touch on belly

Clear ears: roll on Melaleuca touch and lavender touch 

Congestion: Breathe Touch and Melaleuca on chest and feet

Crying: Console touch on chest, spine an bottoms of feet

Diaper area: melaleuca and lavender touch on diaper area

Digestion: Digestzen touch and pb assist jr (we started at 6 mos)

Eye irritation: breastmilk

Fever: Peppermint touch on spine, bottoms of feet

Immunity: Frankincense and on guard touch on spine and bottoms of feet (we incorporate On Guard spray, cleaner concentrate and foaming hand wash into our daily lives too!)

Mama and Baby Bond: Myrrh diluted near belly button

Mood: Peace Touch on chest and spine

Skin: Rose Touch, Frankincense Touch, Lavender Touch

Spit Up: Digestzen on belly, we started pb assist jr 6 mos+

Sleep: baby massage with choice of roman chamomile , serenity, lavender, peace with lotion/ diffuse breathe+roman chamomile at night

Teething relief: frankincense and lavender touch (bonus add copaiba and siberian fir)

Under the Weather Protocol: Frankincense Touch, Oregano Touch, On Guard Touch, Melaleuca Touch


Each of these oils plays such a vital role in your baby's well being. After all, health is everything. This is the exact routine I do for Evelyn each day. I hope that you enjoy it with your one too. I also incorporate a baby massage at night with lotion and Roman Chamomile to get and extra boost!

Make sure to print off this chart above and let me know what routine works best for you!


- Essentially Bee



Brittany Davidson