Baby Nighttime Routine - Brushing Teeth

This may sound funny but brushing our teeth is a must in our Evie’s routine. Establishing these routines is so important - not only because they are really healthy activities but they create an empowered little toddler.

Evie gets so excited when I sit her on the sink. She sticks her feet in the sink bowl to rest them and excitedly awaits the water faucet turning on. She’ll splash her little feet in the sink. Then I pull out her toothbrush and put the tiniest dab of On Guard Toothpaste on it to keep bacteria away.

I highly recommend the Little Sprouts Silicone Toothbrush for babies and toddlers. My mom gave her this toothbrush when she was 4 months old and she teethed on it forever. But now it is super handy as a toothbrush for her because she can hold it securely. It also has a rim around that serves as a handle an a choke prevention all as one. It is super soft so no worries at a little aggressive brushing.

Evie loves to dip the toothbrush back in water and brush her teeth and look back at me so proudly. This activity usually takes about 5 minutes - which I am pleased by - healthy hygiene is a good lesson. An empowered toddler is an even better accessory!


- Essentially Bee

Brittany Davidson