Disney World - How To Thrive & Survive

The thought of bringing a one year old to a new place, especially a place like Disney World is nerve wracking. Planning, preparing, packing is a lot to think about. I wanted to share with you our experience with bringing Evelyn to Disney for the first time and how we were able to thrive and survive!

#1 Bring Grandparents

Grandparents are the best aren’t they? It was wonderful to see Disney through Evelyn’s eyes. To see my parents experience that with her was priceless. They were like kids again. It made me reminisce on all those trips to Orlando they had taken my brother and I on.


From a practical standpoint they helped with crucial aspects of bringing a one year old toddler to Disney World. From holding during nap time to making sure she stays hydrated, and sun protected, and cool and happy, and getting on every ride her heart desires. GRANDPARENTS are the answer.  I’ll never forget my dad walking down Magic Kingdom with a huge grin on his face carrying napping Evelyn in the baby carrier. I’ll never forget my mom running up to each character with Evelyn introducing them and Evelyn pointing to her saying RaRa. Grandparents are great for those times that mom and dad want to sneak away and have a bit of fun too.

#2 Bring Your Oils

image2 (8).jpeg

Aromatouch: Put 2-3 drops on the bottom of each foot before you put your sneakers on and ya’ll my feet didn’t hurt after 14,000 steps at Disney World! Keeps the circulation flowing and the muscles from getting tense.

On Guard Hand Spray: This bad boy can keep any creepy crawlies away that aren’t what Disney is about. We would spray on hands, sippy cups, and toys. I love that it is safe and doesn’t have terrible Triclosan in it.

Peppermint Roller: I love rolling this on us all especially baby to keep cool in the sunny Florida heat.

Rose Roller: Soothes skin after long sunny days and keeps the germs from getting in the way.

Peace: When it’s naptime and we are in the It’s a Small World Line and baby’s gotta get some sleep. Peace will calm the crazy.

Deep Blue Rub: Put on before the magical day and after. I like to put on calves, hamstrings, lower back and shoulders. Putting it on before the big day helps tension from building from excessive walking and rides.

#3 Bring an Umbrella Stroller and Baby Carrier

Ya’ll don’t bring the baby jogger - just trust me. Go for the umbrella stroller - compact, lightweight, and storage compartment below are all key. We chose to purchase a Maclaren right before this trip. It was super easy to fold up to quickly put on the bus and make sure to put a fun ribbon tassel on your handles so you can spot it among the hundreds of strollers outside the Lion King Show.

#4 Stay at the Disney Yacht Club Resort

The best part of this resort was the beach (maybe it was the pool). Oh it was the beach/pool! So the completely amazing thing about the Disney Yacht Club is that the pool is magnificent - and there is a complete beach section of it. So your sweet babe can build a sandcastle at the pool. Plus, if you're a waterslide girl like me - the waterslide is LEGIT.

#5 Download the MyDisney App and Sign Up for FastPass Rides at least a month ahead

Planning makes performance - fail to plan & plan to fail. These are all terms that ring 100% true for the World of Disney. Long gone are the days of showing up to ride your favorite ride and not waiting 3 hours - ha! But… if you get fast pass bands. They are your ticket - to your hotel room, to dining on the run and most of all to the top coveted rides. We went to 2 parks Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom - rides will be shared in next post!

Brittany Davidson