Disney World - Evies "wee"-worthy rides

“I just don’t understand the parents that tote their 1 year old to Disney - I mean the child isn’t going to remember it, waiting in all those lines, and toting around all the gear!”

 - my comments to a friend while scrolling Instagram as a 26 year old BC (Before Child). Fast forward 3 years to me with precious toddler twirling around on the Teacup ride with her gleefully squealing “Weeee” having the time of my life.

Yes it is true - when you become a parent literally 90% of the things you said you wouldn’t do pre-parent will have be the alternate. That’s why parenting is so blissfully humbling right?!

Your entire life starts over and becomes one whole new experience after the next - seeing the world through your child’s eyes and that is the true gift of being a parent. From seeing them interact with something as simple as a blackberry to something as fun and memorable as the Dumbo ride. It’s magical!

I was in Orlando for doTERRA Leadership Retreat and it just so happens that Disney World is a quick 20 minute drive away. So my wonderful parents, my sweet husband and myself and our one year old Evelyn made the voyage into Disney World. And came out with a totally different experience then the times we enjoyed it before.

Here are Evie’s Top 5 Rides (ranked by Enthusiastic Weee!):


1. Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup Ride: The weeeee’s never ended on this ride. Mama and Grandpappi enjoyed this with Evelyn (not so much Dada’s and RaRa’s ride”. Evie took the disk and spun us round and round. Perfect 60 second ride. By the end she looked up and tried to see what was around and it came to a halt just for her to say another “weeee”.

2. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin: The lights, zap gun and definitely the joystick made this ride a favorite. Evelyn loved taking the joystick and spinning us around and around.

3. Dumbo the Flying Elephant: Another that broke the record for longest “weeeee” from Evelyn was Dumbo. Always a favorite of mine as a kid. It’s colors- the water- the joystick to go up and down. It was a magical time. And even more magical was the fact that they built two rides so less wait time. Plus a kid’s play gym in the big tent while waiting keeps all Elephant-goers happy!

4. Carousel- Evie’s first time on a carousel- she loved the lights, the spinning and most of all the beautiful horses!

5. It’s A Small World: Always a pleaser. The colors, the different worlds and people and the fact that you are in a moving gondola. Evelyn would have loved this more had she taken a nap before BUT she loved waving at all the children and pointing out the monkeys!

6. Kilamanjaro Safari: Animal, animals and more animals! Evelyn’s favorite thing- all around her. Pappi loved showing her the ostriches and daddy loved pointed out the hyenas whom she lovingly called “dogs!”. Another that is great to fastpass!

Evelyn’s Favorite Shows:


1. Finding Nemo: This was a Broadway-esque show. Evelyn praises it as an award winner. The costumes, set and storyline were phenomenal. It kept her entertained and us in the cool AC for a nice 45 minutes.

2. Lion King: This was a roaring time. Evelyn remarked that she loved being able to sing and dance. And her favorite part was the monkeys on the trapeze!

Evelyn’s FastPass Save


Peter Pan’s Flight: Definitely fastpass this ride if you have kids. It is a wonderful ride (Evelyn loved flying over the crocodile!) but the wait time is usually over 90 minutes. And let’s face it - the ride is a little over a minute long.

Evelyn’s Don’t Do List:

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Trust me on this one just don’t do it. As Grandma RaRa says, “Someone took something and took a very sweet story and made a horrifying ride”. It is a scary ride for little one’s ironically.

Evelyn’s Snoozeworthy List:

Haunted Mansion: This ride needs major updating - Evelyn was asleep - and stayed asleep the duration. She notes that it had good AC though.


Will be posting a part 2 on this trip - I'll keep you posted!


- Essentially Bee

Brittany Davidson