The Thankful Tree

The month of November is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and reflect on all the blessings in your life. It’s an even better opportunity to teach the little one’s about being grateful for the blessing in their life, all while leading up into the season of giving thanks!

This can help teach kids how to be mindful and positive of what’s going on in their lives, and to really appreciate the smaller things in life. This activity is also a fun and easy way to incorporate prayer time in with family time! It’s really exciting to see the tree fill up with all of the things your family is grateful for!!

Things you’ll need:

Mason Jar

Bag of Beans/Rocks/Marbles


Tags- you can make cute leaf shaped tags out of yellow, orange, and red construction paper to make the tree look more realistic (we just used brown package tags we had in the house)

Sticks (found outside together)



Empty your bag of beans/rocks/marbles into the mason jar. Grab a tag and write “God is Good!” on it. Then, tie your “God is Good!” tag around the top of your mason jar. As a family, head out into the yard to collect the best looking sticks you can find and place them into your jar- shorter sticks will work best! For each remaining day in November, find time as a family to join together and pray about what you are most thankful for. Then take one tag and work as a family to write- or draw!- what you are most grateful for on it. Tie that tag onto your tree!

At the end of the month your tree will be filled with all of the things you are thankful to God for!! Read them together and thank God for being so good!

Take a picture at Thanksgiving and post on social media- make sure to tag me @essentiallybee so I can see how cute your Thankful Tree turned out!!

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