Evie's Favorite Books


Evie and I love reading together! I wanted to share some of our favorite books. Reading out loud to your baby stimulates developing senses, and builds listening and memory skills that can help your baby grow up to be a reader. We started around 1 month old- once we got the hang of the newborn routine. I will share in my next post- my personal favorite baby bedtime books for mamas- you know the ones that pull on your heartstrings? Many of these are from my favorite company Usborne Books- check out my friend and consultant Kelsey Bourgeois. Also, at the end of this post make sure to sign up for your free baby books sent monthly from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.

Diffuser Reading Time Blend:

3 drops Peppermint (good for focus)

3 drops Wild Orange (mood boosting)

3 drops Rosemary (good for memory)

Here are Evie's most loved books:

Evie playing with the Big Book of Colors

Evie playing with the Big Book of Colors

1. Big Book of Colors Usborne books: A large, sturdy board book introducing all the colors of the rainbow and their many variations, with lots of color vocabulary that shows many visual images per color like Navy blue as a battleship and bubblegum pink as bubblegum. Evie loves the acetate page that changes colors and shows how colors mix and change when combined with others. She also loves the giant moveable color wheel!

2. Busy Bear at the Zoo: A friend of ours got this for us for Eve’s 1st birthday. It is a must! Evie loves “helping” Bizzy Bear at the zoo scrubbing the crocodile, brushing the hippo’s teeth, and feeding the penguins with the push and pull tabs. And has loved pointing out the “dog” and “giraffe” and “monkeys”.(also loves her new bizzy bear at the farm)

3. "That’s Not My" Series Usborne books: Ask any parent that has had a baby since 1999 and they will tell you all about the Usborne ‘That’s Not My...’ books by Fiona Watt. Each book introduces our little ones to a new animal, vehicle or character, with bright illustrations, simple, repetitive storylines and lots of touchy-feely textures to get babies and toddlers engaging with books from a young age. Personal favourites include plane and puppy. We are ordering more from  Kelsey Bourgeois ; baby (for baby Eddie’s arrival), Santa (for Christmas).

4. "Garden Sounds": We love this ones especially since we have a garden. Evie loves pressing the sound buttons of a baby bird tweeting, frogs croaking in the pond and owls hooting when they press the pages of this delightful book. Colourful pages show the garden and pond in the sun and rain and at night. With simple text, holes to peep through and finger trails to explore, this is a lovely first book about nature and the outdoors.

*We also love Farm Sounds and Jungle Sounds

Evie and her friend Harrison reading Jungle Sounds

Evie and her friend Harrison reading Jungle Sounds

5. "Baby Talk" : This one came from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library and is the best ever. Evie loves playing peekaboo with the babies, kissig the babies, tickling there toes and more! It’s the constant entertainment book

6. “Wheels on the Bus”: This one came from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library as well for free. She loves singing the song with me and gets so excited as each age is flipped she has learned the hand motions and her favorites are “the mommy on the bus says I love you”, “wipers on the bus go swish swish swish” and “horn on the bus goes beep beep beep”



7. “Jesus is with Me”- all time favorite was a baby shower gift from a friend. This book is already so worn because we take on every trip and every car ride. Such a simple, amazing message sung to the tune of “jingle bells”. Evie loves the part, “In a jeep, beep beep beep, Jesus is with me”

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library is a free program set up by the singer to ensure every child has access to books. You can sign your child up to receive a specially selected book each month!

What are your favorite books? We are always in the market for a good book!


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