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January is Evelyn’s birth month! Last year at this time I did a whole month in topics dedicated to preparing for birth. In celebration of Evie and in honor of all the questions I get asked specifically about birth and baby I will be centering January posts to be all about baby!

Registering for your baby is important - but where you register is even more important. I loved using babylist because I could hand pick the items from any website - which helps shop local but also just have one source registry for people to go to. I’ll start with car seat because if anything you HAVE to have that to leave the hospital with baby.

Favorite Infant Carseat

Doona (watch video)

I love the Doona because it goes from carseat to stroller in seconds! Meaning, the wheels literally pop out of the bottom of the seat like magic! This was the only way I would use a stroller system because the last thing I wanted to do was unpack a stroller base from the trunk and then hook in a carseat - I know 1st world problems right? But if you are going to invest in something you have to want to use it right? So literally every time I took Evelyn out of car I would take out the carseat and just pull the unlatch lever for the wheels and pop out come the wheels. She loved this carseat for the first 8 months and then we moved her to the convertible carseat when she wanted to sit more upright.

Favorite Convertible Carseat

Maxi Cosi Pria 80 Tiny Fit (video)

I added this because I wanted a 2nd carseat for my husband’s car. I wanted it to be a longevity piece, so it could be used from infancy through childhood. This brand is top notch with air technology and is super comfy, easy to wash and budget friendly. Evelyn has loved it for it’s comfort. It is also lightweight for traveling and holds up with when transported as luggage. We started using this as primary seat when she was 8 months old.

Favorite Crib

Stokke Sleepi Mini and Extensions for Crib (video)

I love Stokke. It is beautiful and sustainable. My goal was to have a bassinet style crib I could wheel from room to room because I knew we wouldn’t be using the nursery much the first 3 months. Bonus points this one actually expands with a kit to a full sized crib (we expanded at 6 months). It has served us so well. When she was at the newborn stage we kept the mini bassinet sleepi in our bedroom so that I could wake up and nurse her and she could also derive immunity benefits of sleeping near me. Plus I slept so much better when she was near me.

Favorite Cosleeper

Dockatot video

Now the Dockatot was the ultimate game changer. Cosleeping really helped us get to sleeping through the night. We would have the dockatot between us at night or in the crib. She loved the sides so it would make her feel cocooned like in the womb. It is breathable and EcoTec, so it has no chemical laden materials. It is wonderful to travel with - you can easily pack in your suitcase and have the easiest/lightweight bed. Also I loved it to use to place her on the floor.

Favorite Swaddle(s)


Halo (first weeks)- get 2

Halo is great for keeping arms tucked away and keeping baby snuggly and warm - and it is hospital recommended.

LovetoDream (2 mos-rolling over)- get 4

After the first few weeks Evelyn self soothed with her hands. Babies often use their hands to settle themselves to sleep, by sucking on their fingers or gently rubbing their cheeks. Medical research suggests that babies sleep better, and for longer, if they are able to self-soothe. So self-soothing = more sleep for the whole family - and it is made with organic cotton.

ErgoPouch (rolling over-1 year)

Essentially a safe alternative to a blanket in the crib. It keeps baby warm and safe. It is made of organic material and it features two zippers for easy diaper change access. Plus they have the cutest designs!

Favorite Oil Nursery Kit

doTERRA Touch Line + Lumo Diffuser + Roman Chamomile

All 9 baby friendly essential oils - from immunity boosting, to preventing diaper rash, to sleep support for your baby everyday. You’ll get the oils perfectly prediluted for your little one to use at each diaper change and for an easy carry in your diaper bag. I even give you the cutest case to go with. The Lumo diffuser goes for 10 hours and roman chamomile is the answer to baby sleep = and this month you get $100 of oils for free with this kit!

Favorite Little Essentials

Gathre Mat

The Gathre Mat is a Godsend. It wipes clean and is made of a beautiful vegan leather. They make a small diaper bag size and larger sizes. I recommend the micro for the diaper bag and the mini we used as a changing pad on her daybed in her nursery and it doubles as an amazing playmat and works so well at the beach- sand just glides off!


Gathre Bibs

These bibs are both wipeable and pretty on the eyes. Doubled sided and complete with two snaps, they will grow with your baby into toddlerhood. They're adorned with little details like our filet cut corners, branded deboss, and pretty top stitch. Simply wipe down to clean - everything spills off it’s stain resistant surface - no laundering necessary - leaving more time to gather your loved ones near.



This little invention is the bomb! It literally sucks the boogers right out. It is easy, not terrifying and super accurate. Evelyn always had a clear nose…maybe it was a little too fun ;)


Ya’ll, if you are to listen to any advice from this post - buy these dang nail clippers fo’ life! I use them on my nails too! They have a safety guard so no accidents. They are sharp (dull nail clippers - like all other baby ones - are more dangerous...icky snags). We’ve never had an accident and they are so quick and easy.

Diaper Pail


A lot of people will tell you diaper pails are stupid. Well they aren’t - especially when they make your room not smell like baby poo! The Ubbi is a stainless steel, no special bag required Godsend. It does not smell and it has a lock on the lid. Whatever you do...don’t get a Diaper Genie.. those are stupid..

Baby Carrier

Did you read my baby carrier post? READ IT!!

Thing I would pass on:

  • Breastfeeding Pillow: I thought I just had to have this a few days into newborn life. Um that thing was such a pain in the a$$. It is over structured and just so uncomfortable. The dockatot was much more comfy or just squishy some pillows in place - or honestly nursing in the carrier.

  • Changing table - we used a gathre mat on a daybead in her room. To be honest, just have a gathre mat and a little diaper basket caddy and you are free to move around your home with everything you need. We had this setup in living room, our room and then moved it to the nursery.

  • Wipe Warmer: Don’t do it to yourself. Babies that come accustomed to warm wipes on there tushies are going to hate cold wipes on their tushies. And there is going to come a time when you can’t have a warm wipe...queue meltdown.

  • Baby Bath Tub: As a new parent you only need a newborn sized bathtub for such a short time. I always bathed Evelyn with me. A lot easier and “bonus” she actually enjoyed bathtime. Once they can sit up (5-6mos)  the tub is obsolete and they don’t need it.

Unfortunately it was trial and error and a lot of money spent on the items above. I really wish I would of had a list like this to reference in the first place. I really hope this helps and if you have any questions on other common registry items, i'm SURE i've used them so feel free to use my contact form or contact me on any social media platform!


- Essentially Bee

Brittany Davidson