Every Day Oil Routine for Baby


Everyday routines aren't just for adults, you must do them for your littles too!

Evelyn adores her oils, every morning and evening she sticks her feet out ready for her oils. She loves looking at the bottles; I let her smell them and describe what each one does as she eagerly clasps the bottles in her cute little hands.

Copy of Everyday Routine- Touch Guide (1).jpg

Each of these oils plays such a vital role in your baby's well being. After all, health is everything. This is the exact routine I do for Evelyn each day. I hope that you enjoy it with your one too. I also incorporate a baby massage at night with lotion and Roman Chamomile to get and extra boost!

Make sure to print off this chart above and let me know what routine works best for your little!


- Essentially Bee

Brittany Davidson