7 Months of Evelyn

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Today Marks 7 Months of Evelyn. Evelyn you are small but fierce. You have such strong will. You love to test the limits around you everyday. You love our daily routine but are so easy going if we stay out late. To anyone that knows you are the “best baby” and the “easiest baby” and “so engaging” and “always smiling”. You captivate a room with giggles. Momma loves when you grab her face with big open mouth kisses, how you snuggly you are in bed when you wake up first thing in the morning. You love to sit in the shower and sing with me.

We love singing the “Ayyyyyyhhhh Auuuugghhh Aiiiiighhhh” beginning vocals from Ariel’s The Little Mermaid. You love to match me on the vowels and put your hand up and out to the side to sing. You love your puppies, especially crawling to them. What started as 4 connecting crawls at the beginning of the 6 month mark has expanded into a very fast all leg out and moving crawl across the room. You love it when daddy grab tickles you and sings you his made up songs about the dogs and a farm.

A few milestones:

- You have fully mastered the crawl

- Has been sitting up (since 5 months) but now can be laying down and get up into seated position)

- Feeding herself: zucchini, avocado, blackberries, strawberries, celery, carrots and sweet potato

- Loves to grab a glass out of your hand and drink out of it

- Making fart noises on arms or furniture

- 17.1 lbs

- Petting the dogs and crawling after them

- Bouncing in jumparoo

- Learning to pull up on the bathtub and crib (eeek!)

- So ticklish!

- Loves being whispered to, will laugh and laugh

- Favorite toys are: metal spoon dipped in ice, stainless steel water bottle, all versions of sophie (keys, teether, regular),

- Successfully completed ISR swim lessons as of today - can float and rise to surface of water - still not happy about it but she can do it :)

Favorite memories:

- Trying new foods and making the funniest shocked faces

- Witnessing the eclipse with Mamma, Dada, RaRa, and Grandpappi in the backyard - what an amazing site

- Going to Cheekwood songwriters night with RaRa and Grandpappi and Nicki and David and you singing a long to the artists before passing out “aaaayaaaaaah” and songwriter Hillary Lyndsey said “hey baby”

- Went flying with Dada and mama to Kansas City to visit friends. Celebrated Deena and Joel’s arriving soon little girl and Grandpa Phil fed us avocado and read us books.

- Celebrated David and Nicki with a wedding shower at our house. Evelyn was a great host and sported a sombrero and rallied all night for the guests

- Putting together her big girl crib with mamma

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