Top 5 Nashville Restaurants for Foodie Parents + Baby


We love Nashville. We love it for its beautiful landscape, array of things to do, and of course its wonderful bounty of local restaurants. We are foodies through and through. Moving from New Orleans we couldn’t wait to dive into new restaurants all around Nashville since we moved away 2 years prior. We hit up a lot of places before baby Evelyn was born - favorites including Two Ten Jack, Husk, and Etch to name a few.

That being said, this list is compiled purely based off of restaurants we can go to WITH baby that are foodie havens. You know that look when you show up to a restaurant with baby and they are not ok with it? These places won’t give you that look (ha!) they will be super accommodating and very hospitable. After all, date nights are nice but the grandparents and babysitters can’t be available all the time right? And when spontaneity and a happy baby align, it's nice to bring the little rugrat along.

The love for these restaurants is purely based of of ambience, our love for their culinary creations, and their hospitality of “le bebe”. These are not your typical family restaurants. These are restaurants that make you feel like you are on a date night even with your baby coming along. I'll save a list of restaurants to go to when you have someone to watch baby for another post!


1. Burger Up: We are huge fans of Burger Up.They will be dear to our hearts because the last weeks of pregnancy we would come here twice a week. Then it was the first place we went out to eat after baby was born. I rate them number #1 simply because they win “best in show” for all categories mentioned. We visit atleast once a month. And you don’t need to dress up.

Culinary: Voted best burger 4`in Williamson County. The beef is sourced from our favorite: Bear Creek Farm is their meat purveyor at the location in Franklin/Cool Springs. They have your variety of burgers with fun local accommodations. They also have a vast bar and really great dessert milkshakes too!

Location: They are only a 20 minute drive for us from Nolensville. So they are close enough to get away for a delicious meal but not too far if baby starts to not be “feeling it” for the night out.

Atmosphere: Slightly loud which we like. Baby can babble and sing and talk and no one is going to be bothered. It is a very warm atmosphere. They also have a great patio for nice warm summer to fall nights like we are having this weekend.

Child Accommodations: They have it all- high chairs, large bathroom space and changing table too

2. Bar Taco:  We went to Bar Taco the week before we had Evelyn for one of our last date nights as “just us” and took her here for our first Nashville restaurant adventure when she was just 10 days old.

Culinary: We love their tacos - we think they are the best tacos you can find in town. We love splitting the small platter of tacos, guacamole, sides, and tamales. Plus their margaritas are on point! Tacos I love: baja fish, shrimp bahn mi, spicy chorizo, fried oyster, portobello with queso fresco, ribeye - just to name a few!

Location: They are located in 12 south which is such a fun location to visit for a Sunday afternoon stroll. They do usually have a significant wait time, but the nice thing is you can put your name down and visit all the fun shops and sites of 12 south. I love the Craft South fabric store next door for cute Liberty fabrics for Evelyn, and who doesn’t like getting doughnuts for breakfast at 5 Daughters Bakery?!

Atmosphere: Slightly loud which we like for baby squeals and giggles. Indoor/outdoor ambience - literally feels like you are on a mini vacation with the seaside decor and the large windows/doors open.

Child Accommodations: They have it all - high chairs, large bathroom space, and changing table.

3. City House:  We have always loved us some City House. City House chef Tandy Wilson has won the coveted James Beard award a few times now (don’t ask me for exact number - child currently crawling over me -ha!) . The food is to die for! All local purveyors and they boast a changing seasonal farm to table menu. Every foodie parents dream restaurant. If bringing baby I suggest the outdoor patio. Keeps child entertained and it is so peaceful and relaxing.

Culinary: Where do I begin?! Definitely our favorite restaurant in Nashville as far as food goes. Since their menu is ever changing, get a few sharing dishes and be prepared to expand your palate. The wood fired pizzas are always a must - my favorite is Belly Ham, Mozzarella, Grana Padano, Oregano, Chilies. The meatballs are also always wonderful as well as any pasta dish.

Location: They are located in Germantown which is a bit of a hike for us from Nolensville, parking is generally easy to come by.

Atmosphere: We really love the screened in outdoor patio area for dining with baby.

Child Accommodations: It is not a typical kid restaurant. No changing table, small bathrooms. They do have highchairs. They are hospitable to babies but I wouldn’t host a group of children here. But, like I said, food is ah-mazing!


4. Pinewood Social: We have been here a few times since Evelyn was born. They have such a warm and fun family friendly atmosphere - while also being super hip so you can feel like a cool mom with your masala chai or glass of organic sparkling rosé.

Culinary: Lots of great sharing dishes here. My favorite is to get the gluten free fried chicken for the table - such a steal at $55 - it’s around 14 pieces of chicken. Seriously the best fried (not hot chicken lol - save that for another post) chicken in Nashville.

Location: They are located in Germatown which is a bit of a hike for us from Nolensville, parking is generally easy to come by.

Atmosphere: We really love the screened in outdoor patio area for dining with baby.

Child Accommodations: They do have highchairs. Restrooms are definitely a challenge. They are solo style restrooms with no sink space and no changing table. But hey- you are a parent- worst situations have probably happend to you that you have conquered right?!


5. Chauhan Ale & Masala House: This is a foodie must. Maneet Chauhan has taken the Nashville food scene by storm - a Food Network Chef Star on Chopped and has since opened now 3 restaurants in Nashville. I have yet to get to Tansao and Mockingbird, but they are both on our list. We have reservations for Tansao on Sunday! Chauhan is authentic Indian food to the core. The vibe, music, and tablewear are outfitted to a tee and the authenticity beams with pride.

Culinary: The food is delectable. I loved the tikka masala. I loved how it was served separately in small silver bowls. My husband had the goat vindaloo which was equally divine. We opted for the Saffron Kheer Sunday for dessert which was surpringly one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. A great gluten free option of saffron rice pudding, mixed berries, cashew toffee ice cream.

Location: Off the grid in the Gulch, nice valet parking.

Atmosphere: Loud music playing perfect for small babbling babes that love colors, music, and musings.

Child Accommodations: Highchairs and large clean restroom stalls with changing tables -every mama’s dream - thank you Maneet! Also, the manager and restaurant staff were very kind to our baby and very hospitable.

As a foodie momma, I know it can be stressful trying to figure out where you can take both the babe and baby for a nice meal. Even though we've had our share of annoyed looks from quite a few places, it's nice knowing where baby is welcomed with open arms! As for my favorite date night spots without baby, that's a whole different ball game (post coming soon). But for now, grab the family and check out these local baby friendly spots that Nashville has to offer!


- Essentially Bee



Brittany Davidson