Daily Oil Routine with Evelyn

I can't believe our babe Evelyn is 6 months old. Her personality is shining through. She loves to sing and coo at us. She jumps and giggles and loves skipping her nap time. She has been sitting up and scooting and making her first attempts at a crawl. She loves giving big open mouth kisses and kicking her feet in excitement when we cuddle her. One thing she loves is her essential oil collection and I’m so thankful for her strong health.

I love that she is just as enthusiastic as me to explore different oils. Seriously a bottle of oil will keep her entertained for 30 minutes. She loves gumming empty bottles and exclaiming ”Oooowahhhhhh” . We can't be without our oils!

I am so grateful we discovered essential oils before she was born. We use the doTERRA touch line because they are specially prediluted for babies. Predilution is crucial because babies are a lot tinier and with that we want to dilute so their itty bitty bodies can absorb safely with no irritation. If you don’t have prediluted roller bottles then I suggest using 1 tbsp per one drop of doTERRA essential oil. Here’s a little peek of our daily oil application in babe Evelyn's life since she was born, let's start from the top:

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  1. Crown of head: Frankincense Touch and Lavender Touch - Great for decreasing inflammation, boosting  mood, inhibiting seasonal threats, easing stress and promoting rest.
  2. Ears: Lavender Touch and Melaleuca Touch (roll behind ears-never put oil in ears -Promoting healthy ear drainage 
  3. Jaw: Frankincense Touch and Lavender Touch - Helps soothe tired jaws while teething, and ease pain and inflammation.
  4. Spine: On Guard Touch and Frankincense Touch - Improves immunity on a daily basis while bringing oxygen to blood stream and decreasing inflammation from environmental toxins
  5. Chest: Breathe Touch - Opens up airway passages daily to keep respiratory system strong
  6. Belly: Digestzen Touch - Keeps baby’s tummy in check from tummy troubles to regularity and spitting up
  7. Diaper Area: Lavender Touch and Melaleuca Touch - Keeps baby’s bum dry and hydrated- wouldn’t we all enjoy that?
  8. Feet: Peace Touch, Breathe Touch and On Guard Touch - Peace keeps baby emotional strong and helps balance mood. Breathe promotes babies respiratory function and On Guard protects baby’s immunity.

And this is our day in the oily life of oil babe Evelyn!


- Essentially Bee

Brittany Davidson